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It was created by people who are convinced of Montaigne "Gay Savoir" ( meaning Funny
Knowledge in old french), of the jubilant pleasure of learning and sharing that this great humanist advocated. The "scholarly" illustration will have its importance there.

Our subject here is Military History, especially the soldiers and their condition, uniforms and outfits from 1780 to 1815, say from the American War of Independence at Waterloo. It's vast and rich... but it will no doubt spill over...

The use of the archives, a library built up over several decades, provides a place for new articles and unpublished illustrations, of course, but also an opportunity to revitalize old texts and their illustrations published over the years in magazines that have now disappeared or in books that have long been out of print.

Thanks to our dissemination capabilities, we also very much wish to offer good authors/researchers a great opportunity to make their work and merits known.


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