” COMMAND & LEADERSHIP 1721-1815″ 

Helion & Co Publishing (2019)


A very welcome volume bringing together the interventions of the 8 specialists gathered in 2018 for the “From Reason to Revolution” event. This title of conference is taken from the collection directed by Dr. Andrew Bamford at Helion & Co.


This synthetic work brings together articles dealing with different major theatres of operations in Europe, North America and Africa (from the Jacobite revolt to the Napoleonic wars, including the war in Canada in the 1750s and in Flanders in 1793-1795, etc.) and how to approach them through the respective commands, each reflecting multiple factors and their times; this makes this collection of first interest for serious amateurs.

Among the lecturers, all of them first-rate, judging by the thoughtfulness and quality of the articles, we are pleased to find Yves Martin, who deals here again with Egypt.